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Horse Back Tour

For years the owners and operators of Hacienda Nosavar, the Vargas family, have been enchanted by the tradition of the cowboy: horses are their passion. They actively participate in horse rides throughout the country.

Besides the experience of life on a 640 hectare cattle ranch, Hacienda Nosavar is also renowned for its natural beauty. One of Costa Rica’s best destinations for bird watching, reptile encounters and flora habitat being located on the shores of the Tarcoles River, famous for its abundant crocodile inhabitants and in walking distance of the Carara Reserve (home of the biggest Lapas Rojas population in Costa Rica), gives us the chance to share these natural wonders with our guests through horse back and river boat tours. As our guest, you will also have the opportunity to experience a visit to our Butterfly Garden or ride along the shores of the natural lagoons within our property grounds.

Mountain Bike Trails

It will be impossible for you to resist the call of this adrenaline-filled adventure, for those who dare and are physically up for the challenge. One of our hacienda’s best attractions is riding our professionally-designed mountain bike trails. Designed with different levels in mind, we promise this to be an exhilarating rush of adrenaline. You have the option of riding accompanied by one of our tour guides or, if you are brave enough, you are welcome to experience it by yourself.

Nature Trails

For those who luxuriate in direct contact with nature, our property offers aerial wooden trails where guests can lose themselves in a world of natural beauty, amongst different types of exotic birds, small reptiles and insects, and a flora unique to this region. Each trail has being equipped with information boards outlining the best possible way to have an unforgettable experience. Tranquility and safety are our main concerns.

Tarcoles River boat Tour

Hacienda Nosavar invites you to perform Guacalillo boat tour, a unique destination in Costa Rica, just two hour from San Jose or one hour from the Jaco area.

Located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the Estuary of Guacalillo and the Tarcoles River offer the opportunity to observe one of the largest populations of American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) in America, also discover the mangrove area with a high percentage biodiversity among which there is a large number of waterfowl and one of the most important conservation area of the Scarlet Macaw in the country.

Our boats with up to 25 people will take you for a ride extensive mangrove ecosystem composed impressive four mangrove species, all of them represent an important nesting ground for birds that inhabit it, so that in turn represent their shelter and nutrients area for many fish and invertebrates also mangrove swamps are extremely important for marine productivity.

As the boat approaches the sand banks around the river, our passengers will have the opportunity to see up close crocodiles up to five meters long in its wild habitat. The crocodiles were common in mangroves and coastal shores, but in recent decades trappers severely decimated its population, today, thanks to conservation programs, the last inventory along the Tarcoles River in the area of Carara Biological Reserve resulted in 50 to 150 individuals per kilometer.

Furthermore, in the area of mangroves and the river can be found a population of over 250 different birds such as kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), roseate spoonbills (platelea ajaja) Basiliscus (basiliscus sp) heron (Ardea sinerea), anhingas (anhinga anhinga), Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea) nocturnal birds and more. The Tarcoles River is one of the most important feeding sites for resident and migratory birds, and an important meeting place for mating and shelter for mammals and reptiles.

Our tour includes: boat tour, fruit and water. Beer, soft drinks or cocktails are available.
Do not forget that the Treasury is just Nosavar tranquility and harmony with nature, take a chance to leave the daily stress and enjoy a full day of family peace of mind.

The Original Canopy Tour Hacienda Nosavar Tarcoles

A private cattle ranch and nature reserve, home to the only Original Canopy Tour® in the Central Pacific of the country. Upon arrival your guides will outfit you and instruct you on your days activities. You will then take a short walk through the ranch's forest to the base of the short version Canopy Tour. The tour consists of observation platforms and 3 horizontal traverses. Some wildlife sightings are common in this areas. You may see and hear the iconic Scarlet Macaws, the howler monkeys, white tail deer and several other variety of aquatic birds since the property lies next to the great Tárcoles river. Also, endangered tree species such as Mahogany trees are protected at the park. The last traverse goes to a ground platform where the tour ends and a refreshing bottle of water awaits you.

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